Development Squads

Development Squads

Join the club! Our development squads deliver a fun way to refine and learn new skills, advancing young swimmers to new, and potentially competitive, heights.

A young swimmer never stops refining and improving. Our Development Squads are designed to move our advanced swimmers forward in a club-style environment, focusing on key elements of all-round improvement in the water.


GUST Development Squads focus on advanced matters such as drills and skill acquisition for all swim strokes, as well as continuing to develop aerobic endurance and swimming terminology.


Mirroring the competitive environment, the finer points of clock reading, warm-ups and swim-downs, along with lane etiquette are developed, while swimmers also learn how to start, turn and finish a race effectively.

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Important Information:

Please be advised that shoes and mobile phones are not permitted on poolside.

There are no lessons running on Monday 25th December and Monday 1st January 2018 as these are bank holidays – thank you.

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