GUST Water Bumps

Aqua natal classes at GUST in Stone, Staffordshire

What better way to start your baby’s water journey than right from the beginning?

With exclusive use of our lovely new Cove pool – there is no better place to be, for some mummy and bump time!


Whether meeting other new mums, wanting to keep active or just weightless relaxing – the benefits of our aqua natal classes are as follows:


👶🏻 Safe exercise, helping to cope with the extra strain of pregnancy
👶🏻 Keeping fit during pregnancy is extremely important both physically & mentally
👶🏻 Buoyancy, relieves stress on weight bearing joints
👶🏻 Hydrostatic Pressure, a force within water that can significantly reduce swelling on lower limbs
👶🏻 Helps prepare for labour
👶🏻 Promotes pelvic floor awareness
👶🏻 Reduces back pain
👶🏻 Improves core stability
👶🏻 Improves sleep quality
👶🏻 Reduces fluid retention
👶🏻 Increases circulation
👶🏻 Provides social support meeting other mummies!

……. The list goes on!


Classes are delivered term time, on a Monday morning.  We also have different guest speakers in each week from all different, local baby businesses!


If you need advice on breast feeding or what car seat to buy – we hope to have it covered!

See our pools

The pools and poolside are significantly warmer than standard municipal pools. Changing facilities are poolside, and all have baby-change facilities. The design is as warm as the water – vibrant and welcoming, the perfect place to relax with a drink and a snack, to catch up with friends, while children are taught by high quality instructors.