Exciting times here at GUST down the years, but 2018 feels super-exciting

We have had some exciting times here at GUST down the years, but 2018 feels super-exciting.

We have never stood still and, in an attempt to make ourselves even better, this is a year which sees us embracing many different ideas and innovations, such as making provision for pregnant women, adults in general, and fitness for children. It is a year when GUST will still cherish, but go beyond, our traditional offer of swimming lessons for children.

Myself and Gareth have always looked at GUST through our own eyes as parents as much as we have as business owners. We have always asked what we would want to see, and we’ve always asked customers as well. We would never stand still, and this year emphasises that more than any. Later in 2018 our brand new Baby Beginner Pool will be opening, a state-of-the-art development offering a welter of possibilities to parents of very small children. Watch this space for more exciting news on this front!

More than anything, we want GUST to be a place that does things differently – that offers choices and facilities that aren’t available anywhere else. We don’t want to be the same as the leisure centre or fitness club, we want to add something extra. It’s what keeps us going. It’s what keeps us interested.

That’s across all areas. This month, for instance, we are introducing a system where customers can pay by direct debit. It’s so much easier for them, but in many places these kind of systems just are not available. That came from listening to customers – we are always listening so we can endeavour to get better.

The shop is also expanding this year, taking it online and offering a great range of products.

More than anything we are excited about and shouting about we do. We are proud of being GUST and want as many people, adults and children alike, to be part of our fun and expanding story.

Come along for a chat and a look. You’ll receive a very warm GUST welcome.