Meet The Team

Meet the team

Committed to your child’s development, and committed to happy learning, our team’s all-round expertise is unparalleled in the region

Mike Porter-Nash

Mike became a swim teacher because he wanted to give something back to the community!

Favourite sea animal: A Crab

Interesting Fact: I was in the British Army Ski Team!


Favourite holiday destination: Rio de Janeiro

Favourite underwater fictional character: Ariel

Interesting Fact: I was born with two teeth!


Favourite Stroke: Front Crawl

What sea creature would you be: Seahorse

Interesting Fact: I am a cox for a Leeds Uni rowing team!

Madeline Whitehurst

Favourite colour swimfin: Purple

Favourite sea animal: A Seahorse

Interesting Fact: I’m a twin!

GUST owners Vicki and Gareth
Gareth and Vicki

Quote of the Month: Find your team, love them hard!

Lucy Mountford

Favourite colour swimfin: Pink
Favourite place: America
Interesting fact: I have met the queen!

Jeanene Walton-Sanders

Favourite Stroke: Front Crawl

Prawns or Shrimp? Prawns

Interesting Fact:  I am a former Midlands Synchronised Swimming Champion!


Favourite water sport: Water Polo

Crab or Lobster? Lobster

Interesting Fact: I coach Peter Coates’ Grandchildren

Anna Kenning

Favourite sea animal: Seahorse

Favourite holiday destination is: South Africa

Interesting Fact: I have competed in the Midlands Athletic Squad in Hammer throwing and shot putting!

Beth Shenton

Favourite holiday destination: Florida

Sharks or Dolphins? Dolphins

Interesting Fact: I have met Doug the Pug!


Have you been scuba diving? Yes at the Great Barrier Reef!

Favourite country: Australia

Interesting Fact: I used to live on a narrow boat!

Emily Kemlo

Favourite stroke: Front Crawl

Tuna or Salmon? Salmon

Interesting Fact: I am also a nail technician and LOVE Disney themed nails!

Louise Hill

Favourite water sport:  Swimming of course!

Prawns or Shrimp?  Prawns

Interesting Fact: I am a County breast stroke champion!


Fave Celeb: Ed Sheeran

Shark or Dolphin: Dolphin

Favourite Colour: Purple

Trevor Underhill

Favourite holiday destination: Madeira

Tuna or Salmon? Salmon

Interesting Fact: I have a great interest in voluntary community work

Rob Kenning
Rob K

Rob became a swim teacher because he wanted to share his skills with others!

Crab or Lobster? Crab

Interesting Fact: I have been on live television 3 times!

Phoebe Elrick

Favourite colour swimfin: Pink

Sharks or Dolphins? Dolphins

Interesting Fact: I have sung at the O2 Arena in London!

Lucy N

Favourite country: Australia

Tuna or Salmon: Tuna

I Love: My poodle pups!


Tuna or Salmon: Salmon

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Interesting Fact: I am a National Rower!

Rob Aked

Have you ever been scuba diving? Yes, I saw a Turtle!

Favourite holiday destination: Majorca

Interesting Fact: I swam Butterfly for the County!

Jackie Freer

Favourite Stroke: Breaststroke

I can hold my breath underwater for: 2 mins 5 secs!

Interesting Fact: I was in the RAF


Favourite Stroke: Breaststroke

Favourite Country: Ireland

I Love: Watching rugby

Anne Wildblood

Tuna or Salmon: Salmon

Favourite Colour: Blue

Interesting Fact: I have met Duncan Goodhew!


Favourite Stroke: Front Crawl

Favourite Country: Italy

Tuna or Salmon: Tuna

Arthur at GUST

Loves: Stoke City

Favourite Stroke: Front crawl

Interesting Fact: I have webbed toes!

Evie - Staff Photo

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Country: Dubai

Interesting Fact: I can play 4 musical instruments!

Luke - Staff Photo

Favourite Country: Canada

Tuna or Salmon: Salmon

I Love: Music

Lauren - Staff Photo

Love: Athletics

Tuna or Salmon: Tuna

Interesting Fact: I’ve swam at GUST since I was 5 years old!

Harry Macdonald

If you could be a sea creature what would you be? A Shark

Favourite holiday destination: Spain

Interesting Fact: I have been in the local newspaper for my skills playing cricket!

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